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Tipat Halav: Baby Wellness Clinics in Israel

Tipat Halav (literal translation: drop of milk) is Israel's maternal and child health program which consists of state-wide neighborhood-based centers providing prenatal care and advice; assessments of a child's growth and development; immunizations; childrearing and nutritional advice as well as referrals for care of sick children.

The aims of Tipat Chalav include:

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases via vaccinations
Early identification of developmental problems via routine checkups
Prevention of health problems in the community
Preventive health education and promotion throughout the life cycle to improve health and minimize illness

There are private TIPAT CHALAV options where a private nurse will come to you to do the health checks and vaccinations. Click here for more information 

Unless your baby is sick, there is no need to see a pediatrician here if you don't want to. All health and wellness checks are done by the nurses at the Tipat Halav. They also administer the vaccinations or shots for your baby.

Vaccination/Immunization Schedule
The schedule is very similar to, if not the same as, that recommended by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the UK National Health Service

Over recent years, vaccinations have become a much-debated topic for various reasons. Some parents are for doing all of the vaccines; some are against while others sit somewhere in between. I'm in the latter category and chose to follow an alternative vaccination schedule, separating the individual vaccines where possible and spacing them out over many more months than the usual schedule. I have a wonderful nurse at my Tipat Halav location, who has been supportive of my decision. 

Below are addresses and phone numbers for Tipat Halav locations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramat Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya, Herzliya-Pituach, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Ranana, Netanya

Please be aware that you can visit different locations within your town or city of residence but cannot go to a Tipat Halav in another city. For example, if you are registered as living in Tel Aviv, you cannot go to a Tipat Halav in Netanya. 

Tel Aviv      
Branch Address Telephone Google Map
Balfour Balfour 14 03-5643444 Map
Jaffa Station C (gimmel) עירית 17 03-6596773
Yad Eliyahu Davidka 18 03-7302367
King George King George 33 03-6211842 Map
תחנה מרכזית
Central Bus Station
Rishon LeTsiyon 3 03-6871841
Kiryat Shalom HaKeshet 8 03-5183167 Map
Neve Eliezer Derech Lod 195 03-6318907
Bitzaron קלמן שולמן 3 03-5622894 Map
Ezra  Tevet 15 03-6879540
Early Childhood Center Jaffa HaArmon 8 03-6834564
Bavli Yerushalmi 14 03-6047653 Map
Neve Sharett Philadelphia 6 03-6470817
בורלא בורלא 27  תכנית ל 03-6991064 Map
Afeka Lamdan 20 03-6483236
Ramat Aviv Gimmel Abba Ahimeir 26 03-7450400 Map
Branch Address Telephone Google Map
Bnei Brit Bnei Brit 22 02-6201444 Map
Mahane Yehuda Avisar 15 02-6254580 Map
Baka Ben Yehuda 26 02-5657111 Map
Ma'alot Dafna Karl Netter 42 02-5812463 Map
Pisgat Ze'ev West Sderot Moeshe Dayan 152 02-5834915
Pat Berl Luker 17 02-6499444 Map
Gonen Katamon Eliezer HaGadol 4 02-6495666 Map
Ir Ganim רפובליקה דומיניקנית 4
Republic Dominiknit 4
02-6322111 Map
Romema Zichron Ya'akov 6 02-5372067 Map
Beit HaKerem HaTomer 4 02-6582111 Map
Bayit VeGan HaPisga 42 02-6321777 Map
Ramot 03 Idelson 325/32 02-5484888 Map
Kiryat HaYovel Guatemala 20 02-6322555 Map
Ramat Eshkol Kikar Zolman Aran 02-5826935 Map
Neve Yaakov Leah Goldberg 3 02-5833625 Map
Gilo HaMor 3 02-6465111 Map
East Talpiot Ya'akov Weiss 02-6716575 Map
Kiryat HaYeled Sorotskin 40 02-5014900 Map
Sur Baher   02-6733912 Map
Sanhedria   02-5321837 Map
Ramot 01 Tsafririm 18 02-5487333
Givat Shaul Amram Gaon 7 02-545-7780 Map
Shu'fat  כביש ראשי 02-5327768 Map
Ramat Shlomo Hazon Ish 33 02-5489555 Map
Sheikh Jarrah Sheikh Jarrah Medical Ctr 02-5324559 Map
At-Tur   02-6261314 Map
Ramot 02     Map
Har Nof Agasi 10 02-6553444 Map
Har Homa Sha'ul Aivgur 7 02-6724714 Map
Kiryat HaYovel Hadassah Chile 6 02-6419113